Calling All Soulful Women Eager to Get Back in the Flow.

Build a wellness lifestyle that transforms your body, empowers your inner wisdom and thrills you with everyday magic!

  • Are you a busy working woman struggling to find the time to exercise?
  • Are you feeling like your wellness falls to the bottom of your priority list?
  • Are you noticing extra pounds that you’d like to shed without dieting?
  • Are you feeling scattered but would love to feel peacefully in control?
  • Are you ready to trust yourself and have life flow to a whole new level?

If so, I have the perfect solution – a journey unlike any other that nurtures your body, heart and soul.


8 Weeks of
Movement, Magic & More
beginning October 20, 2013

WELCOME, beautiful. I’m thrilled you’re here!

Paula OnyskoI am Paula Onysko — life coach, communications expert, writer, singer and mom to one spirited 8-year old named Hanna. Having overcome many of my own health challenges, I’m a huge wellness advocate. And I’m passionate about helping soulful women get back on track so they can live their unique sparkle!

We all know wellness – physical, emotional and mental – is important. It’s not just about looking great (although who doesn’t want that). It’s about FEELING great too, so we have the energy and vitality to do the things we want to do in life… the things we were called on this earth to do!


You know the benefits of daily movement and clean eating, right?

  • More energy.
  • A trimmer body.
  • A fired up metabolism for restoring a healthy weight.
  • A happier outlook thanks to wonderful endorphins.
  • Better quality sleep.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Stress reduction.
  • And a big jolt to your energetic vibration!

But often, life gets in the way:

  • You’re busy juggling many things.
  • You’re too tired and don’t have the energy.
  • When you have a moment, you’d rather watch TV, surf Facebook or SLEEP.
  • You struggle to put yourself first. What will others think?
  • You’ve tried before to be healthy but fallen off the wagon.
  • Honestly it’s just easier to ignore it and do nothing.

But ignoring it doesn’t feel good inside. You know you are selling yourself short. You may even feel tired, heavy and disappointed with yourself. And other areas of your life are suffering — your relationships, your work or even your finances. Something inside you is telling you there is a better way. You’re right. And it starts from the inside out.

Your wellness reflects what you believe about yourself, your worth and what’s possible in your life.

It’s time to put your wellness front and centre – a strong statement to the Universe that you are worth it, and a model for all those around you, including your children who are learning how to care for themselves by watching you.

No more looking at fit people with envy. No more wishing you loved your body (but truthfully you cringe in the mirror… especially at your backside). No more putting your self-care to the bottom of the list, for when — if — you have time. And no more pushing yourself beyond your foundation of wellness, just to please others.

So how do we make wellness fun, do-able and inspiring? How do we make it so enjoyable that it becomes who you are?

That’s where my unique program — Movement, Magic and More — comes in. This 8-week program uses movement as the doorway in to increased flow, self-worth and wellness.

Having led five women’s journeys and coached many more women privately, I’ve discovered the stumbling blocks to women’s success. We don’t need more knowledge. We need to live our wisdom. We need to connect with our body, shed limiting beliefs that hold us back and take inspired action that says, “I’m worth it”. Wowzers, look out when you do!

Journey Format: Sweet and Simple

1. Daily Movement
2. Weekly Themes that Align, Keep it Fun and Create Magic
3. Daily Support and Encouragement that Fuels Your Success
4. Weekly Mindset Videos that Increase Awareness and Remove Blocks

1. Daily Movement = Daily Flow

90dayswalkerDaily movement is an essential part. Each day you’ll pick some form of movement that speaks to you and fits your lifestyle, go do it and then report in to a private Facebook group. This movement keeps you connected to your body, helps you move energy along and mirrors a key part of my coaching — transformation happens in the small steps we take daily. Plus you’ll look and feel fabulous as you begin shaping muscles and allow toxins to release.

Why Daily? Because this is about building awareness and consistency.  For many people, movement is the thing that slides because there is no external consequence. It’s not like your job where if you don’t show up you will get fired. With this program, you are not only accountable to yourself, but to the group. And you matter. You are not invisible… you’ll see! So use this journey to show up in your life in a consistent and powerful way!

2. Weekly Themes

appleTogether we’ll engage in weekly themes that take the experiential learning deeper. From Food Switcheroo and Body Love, to Sacred Sleep a wonderful Receiving Game and more, we make journeying together fun and freeing, so your momentum just flows… and you never get BORED!

P.S. I create these themes based on what I intuitively sense the group needs most. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter programs, but rather journeys that reflect the brilliance and uniqueness of the women walking it.

3. Daily Support and Encouragement

groupAs you report your movement and theme progress each day, you’ll be showered with support and encouragement. If you’ve not done my journey before, this level of intimacy may feel a little odd at the start. We are not used to unconditional support. In fact, often in our own lives we don’t have the support we wished. Sometimes those closest to us don’t know how. If you are feeling that in your own life, these private Facebook groups will be such a gift.  The groups will be kept small (5 to 6 women max) so that you can really get to know the women you journey with and feel their encouragement at your feet.   P.S. I’ve been part of many group programs and the level of support and love in this one is the highest I’ve seen. Pure rocket fuel.

4. Mindset Videos


In leading past journeys, I’ve noticed that mindset can make or break results. It can set you flying forward or sabotage your success. Regardless of how many squats you do or much broccoli you eat, if your mind isn’t aligned, you are working against yourself.

These weekly mindset videos called “Mindful Minutes” are golden.  They will increase your awareness of how you operate, what you are thinking, and how your thoughts create your reality. Designed to shift your perspective, you can revisit them over and over again to help you align your intentions, energy and inspired action.  They will cover topics such as:

  • Setting a powerful intention and gathering evidence
  • Ditching the drama and struggle
  • Taming the inner critic
  • Learning to voice your truth in soft but strong ways, and more!


What’s the “Magic & More” about?

magic & moreIf you’ve done a program of mine before, you know how much I adore magic, miracles, synchronicities and blowing the lid off of the Universe. Movement is simply the doorway in. It’s what happens on the inside that truly transforms.

So, my job as your guide is yes, to encourage, but also to ask insightful questions and help you pluck out any obstacles or limiting beliefs that stand in your way. That’s when magic can happen.

“As our guide Paula, you provided incredible encouragement and perspective. Your ability to reframe and find the light/sparkle is a true gift. I learned from it always – whether it was directed at me or my teammates! I think you are amazing Miss Paula!” — Robin Somji

It’s not about knowing more;
it’s about experiencing more.

“This journey was about movement and so much more. There sure was a whole pile of magic involved too! ” – Karry Ann Nunn

You will feel peace. You will feel centered. You will discover more about yourself than you knew before. You will be happier and more positive. It’s impossible to do this journey and be negative. Plus, we make it an excuse-free and complaint-free zone.


What’s the beauty in this program?

1. It’s simple. You decide your movement; you build your plan so it fits your interests and schedule.

2. Group support is amazing. Just ask anyone who has done one of my programs before. Group momentum carries you farther than you can go on your own.

3. Your connection to your body grows. The stronger that connection, the better you can hear intuition and make choices that are perfect for you.

4. I’m doing the journey alongside you. I walk my talk, share my successes and stumbles, and model for you how putting yourself first opens you up to amazing flow.


“The accountability piece was a huge motivator. These
ladies were a power house of inner beauty, strength and knowledge.”

“The accountability piece was a huge motivator. So often, I heard my own thoughts and dreams being mirrored to me in the other women in the journey. They knew exactly what to say or share in their story that empowered me in my transformation. On days when I didn’t feel like moving, their posts inspired and lifted me to a new awareness… about exercising when on holidays, in the rain, and at all times of day — but also about being gentle with myself. These ladies were a power house of inner beauty, strength and knowledge. Consistent movement has really built up my body awareness – I hear my body and feel more connected to it. I can’t begin to describe how amazing that feels!” — Karen Huk

Want to know the real prize?

You make YOU a priority! When you do, self-love grows! You feel better about yourself and are inspired to keep going or take on new challenges. The momentum just spirals – and you become unstoppable. WHOAH… Look out!

Plus you’ll be in great shape, just in time for your Christmas party! Oo-la-la!


Fun Movement


What makes this program unique?

1. It combines wellness basics with mindset and energy work.  Many other programs focus on one component only — like exercise or eating or mindset. But let’s face it, you can’t outrun your fork and you can’t forget your mindset. You are a multi-faceted being at your core and all of these things are creating your wellness. So let’s get them aligned and working toward your Highest Good.

2. You get to choose movement that’s FUN, fits into your lifestyle and FEELS fabulous. Walking, jogging, yoga, cycling, swimming, dancing, yardwork, vacuuming, fitness classes, playing with your child, weight-training… even simple stretching. This is about listening to your body and letting it inform you, as opposed to doing some activity to it. Just be sure that if you’re new to fitness or have any health conditions or injuries, you consult with a medical professional.

Who is this program ideal for?

  • A soulful woman who is ready to jump into this simple structure, shake off the cob webs and experience more ease and flow.
  • A woman ready to tap into her Body Wisdom and use it as her guide.
  • A woman who believes in a Higher Being and loves co-creating with that Universal Force.
  • A woman who is open to seeing new possibilities for how to make movement flow in her days.


What’s the Investment?


Two Paths. Your Choice.

You have two paths to choose from. The Gold path gives you access to all the benefits of the group journey (daily accountability and support, weekly themes and the weekly mindset videos). The diamond path provides you access to the group journey plus private coaching with me.

Why Upgrade to the Diamond Path?
privatecoachingPrivate coaching is a wonderful complement to the group journey. It allows the two of us to go deeper into specific situations that require extra support or that you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the group. You will receive four 30-minute sessions to be used however you choose over the course of the 8-week journey. Women who’ve done the private coaching alongside the group journey have found that it accelerates their learning and results. Plus I offer it at a 50% savings to my regular coaching rates Why? Because I want to maximize your opportunity to thrive!

I’ve made this affordable. At the same time, I want you to feel invested.

Investment brings about greater commitment. And commitment is what gets it done! The accountability piece alone is worth doing this program. After all, if you could do this on your own, you would have by now. Right?

Sure, there are free accountability programs.

But did you try them?
How long did they keep you engaged?
Did you get the results you wanted and more?

This program is different.

It truly is magical. I hold a huge energetic and sacred space. Together, we make sure everyone who starts finishes strong. We encourage. We “solutionize”. We celebrate. And by golly, we will get you moving.  Never doubt the power of committed women to change the world!

Here’s What a Few Fabulous Women
Said About Prior Journeys:

“Movement just became part of who I am.
I became more positive and happy.”

Before this journey I was stuck in a habit of inactivity and undesirable midlife weight gain. I knew I had to make changes in my life, but didn’t know what to do. Along came a “Sparkling Movement” journey with my chosen Word of the Year (Sparkle) and I thought “How could I not sign up for this?” So I did… and I was amazed.

The biggest change was seeing how movement became part of who I am. As I focused on the different things Paula suggested each week, I became more positive and happy. My favourite part was having a connection with other women who were genuinely interested in my success and encouraged me to move forward. It was very touching and motivating. If you are considering this journey, go for it!!! You’ll bring more movement into your life, and learn so much about yourself along the way.” — Claire McFeely

“Paula sets the stage to help you get what
you want and deserve out of your life.”

“I signed up because I really enjoyed Paula’s Summer Body Bliss program. I was a very active, healthy person and I wanted to explore more of myself.

I noticed so many changes — as a mom, wife, friend and most importantly, a human being. I never realized how closed off I had become. I can confidently say that I am now a happier, more relaxed, compassionate and caring person. The program helped me to open up and share personally without being anxious or afraid of people’s reactions. I am able to express love, gratitude and happiness at a much deeper level.

My favourite part of the journey was sharing my accomplishments and receiving such kind words from people who were initially strangers. I looked forward to reading everyone’s posts, and being touched by what they shared. It was my least favourite part at the beginning, because I wasn’t willing to open up. But I saw and felt a physical shift in my feelings and attitude towards this, realizing how important it was to the journey. Once that shift occurred, I was able to truly use it as a guiding force.

If you are considering joining, DO IT! I have recommended it to others as they have seen the change in me and wondered where it came from. Paula has a way with words and her ideas make you think. The tasks, suggestions and ideas she proposes allow you to look deeper into yourself and peel away at thoughts, feelings and destructive negative behaviors that hinder us from moving forward in our lives. Paula sets the stage to help you get what you want and deserve out of your life.” — Jennifer Davidson

“Paula is a fantastic coach. She has a gift of seeing where to improve,
and then nudging us to reach even higher to be the women we are meant to be.”

Before participating in Paula’s journey, I was struggling with being healthy and active, and with a relationship that was ‘falling apart’. I had gained weight over the winter, I wasn’t feeling very good about myself. I felt lost.

As a result of the journey, I now feel more in control of my body and much more fit. I went from walking to completing a 5 mile run in my goal of one hour! And I dropped from a size 12 to a size 8. I learned to listen more to my own body and heart. I am becoming more aware of my needs, my truths and how to use my words in a more productive way.

I am learning how to be open to possibilities that I never thought possible and trusting more that I am in the right place at the right time. When I actively trust, things work out so much better. I am calmer and more relaxed.

I recommend Paula’s journey to other women. It is a journey of becoming self-aware and Paula does such a wonderful job of keeping us on course that there is no fear – just love and growth. — Karry Ann Nunn

“A journey with Paula is an inspirational, educational, body-changing experience! You will get results from her programs. You will also experience much more than you expected—new perspectives, heart connections, synchronicities, blissful movement, and magical moments.”

Her journey provided the accountability I needed to jumpstart a routine of daily, intentional movement. She leads the group with the perfect balance of knowledge, insight and creativity to keep us motivated and engaged. And she’s participating right there alongside, sharing her own ‘aha moments’, stumbles and triumphs. I loved that we’re all in it together, supporting, encouraging and learning from each other. While I had initial reservations about daily accountability, I’m so glad I joined.  Not only did I receive the support I needed, I also gained friendships, developed new habits and had so much fun.

Paula is the Queen of Reframing. She is skilled at helping us choose the meaning we give events in our lives and in reframing our struggles into growth opportunities. She lives this way and models the peace and joy we can feel when we practice this life-changing skill. I can’t wait for the next journey!
— Shala London, Kansas, USA


Meditation and Video Bonuses

I’m offering 3 juicy bonuses throughout the 8 weeks:

BONUS #1: 7-Day Clean Eating E-Course

veggiesYou’ll receive 7 daily emails that introduce you to the principles of clean eating and how to evolve your plate.  While this journey is primarily about movement, any small shift you make to your eating will only multiply your movement efforts. We’re talking ALIVE food — not dieting or counting calories.

This will also include a Healthy Habit Quiz that assesses how you currently eat and gives you ideas on small changes to make.


bodyloveBONUS #2: A Body-Love Meditation

This meditation will shower your body with love from head to toe. It is a simple way to express gratitude for all that your body does for you every day.




paulaposeBONUS #3: Awaken to your Most Energized Self:

This video awakens the body slowly and gently. It’s perfect on those days you feel tired or scattered and don’t want to do vigorous movement. I teach simple stretches, movement and energy clearing techniques to centre and ground you while stretching your body and expanding your heart.


Ready to Join Other Amazing Women?


Freedom BabyYes, I’m ready to make ME a priority.

Yes, I want a body that FEELS FABULOUS and ALIVE!

Yes, I’m committed to a new routine of DAILY SUCCESS!

Yes, I’m ready to give and receive SUPPORT!

Yes, I’m open to experiencing my own MAGIC!


Isn’t it time you got into the habit of doing what makes you and your body feel amazing? Isn’t it time you threw your excuses to the wind and said, “Enough is enough. It’s show time.”

Because it is. You have this one life and this one body. It deserves your love and attention. And you deserve to sparkle.


Money Back Guarantee:
My Heart Promise to You

 I put my heart and soul into everything I do. This program is no exception. I want to see you sparkle. I want you to build your vision of wellness and then successfully live into it.  I promise to provide you with relevant content, loving support and an open heart. I promise to share my journey so that you can see that I’m human, I stumble, I fall, and yet I rise again with every new dawn.

Be gentle with yourself. Wellness is a matter of the heart. As we look at why and how we care for ourselves, we tap into the core of who we are. Addressing it requires courage. But the rewards are worth it. You can accomplish a lot in 8 weeks — let’s take it one day at a time and enjoy.

If at the end of 8 weeks, you have done 50% of the daily activity, and don’t feel more energized, peaceful and flowing, I’ll refund your money. No questions. No fuss.

I’m making this as easy as possible for you to say YES to you!


P.S. Sign up below! It’s going to be a magical journey.


NOTE: This program is not meant to replace medical advice or a current health regime prescribed by a doctor or other health professional. It’s meant to complement and support you in achieving your wellness goals. When in doubt, please consult your doctor. I ultimately want what’s best and encourage you to become the expert on your body.

© Copyright 2013 Paula Onysko Calgary, AB, Canada